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:Tutorial : Xsi->Modelling a Volleyball : Part 2

Following the previous tutorial, we ended up with a volleyball with parallel seams. we now want to bend the seams but retain the spherical shape, so instead of redoing the whole object, we'll take advantage of xsi's operators.

Modelling :

hide polymsh as we'll be working on the original cube, unhide cube.

disable cube's bevel-op.
you may mute the polymsh operations (shrinkwrap and push) to save unneeded calculations.

select cross edges (total 12 edges).

make sure you're on local transform.
change to scale transform and drag the red (x-axis) arrow down a bit.

enable the bevel op, double click it to open its property page, and change sharpness to 0, see how the edges conjunction fix.

- hide the cube and unhide the polymsh, if you muted the ops on step 1 unmute them now.

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